One of the greatest responsibilities in life is planning a financial future. VIP Planners, Inc. provides individuals and families a holistic approach to wealth management. We work with you one-on-one to analyze your monthly budget, establish short and long-term goals, and develop a plan to secure your retirement, pay down debt, or save for major purchases. You will receive unbiased financial guidance and can feel confident in the knowledge your best interests are our priority.

Financial Planning – Most people have one or more retirement savings accounts, and contribute regularly, but few can answer the question, “How much money do I need at retirement in order to be assured I won’t outlive my savings?” At VIP Planners, we start by guiding you through a process to define your savings goals for Retirement, Education, or whatever your dream may be. We ask questions, we listen, we learn about you and your dreams, and then we combine your goals with our experience to provide you with a custom plan that exactly fits your needs. At VIP Planners planning is a process, not a product. Learn More About Financial Planning

Wealth Management – At VIP Planners, our investment approach is based on principles not predictions. We determine the asset allocation that best fits your goals; we build a portfolio that is strategically constructed for your unique situation. We tactically adjust your portfolio to current market conditions as opportunities are presented and we consider short and long-term tax and estate consequences. We do not believe our investors should be made to sit in a roller-coaster ride through a volatile market, but rather benefit from the cyclical nature of the market. Learn More about Wealth Management

Tax Strategies – Tax planning is a crucial tool in protecting your hard-earned assets and allowing them the opportunity to grow. We proactively offer strategies that could minimize current and future tax obligations by considering your real, (after tax) rate of return. We work with your tax advisor to ensure integration with your overall objectives. Learn More About Tax Strategies

Estate Planning – The earlier in your life cycle you begin to plan for your legacy goals, the more options you have available to help ensure your estate will pass with the least possible erosion from taxes and fees. At VIP Planners we make specific recommendations to accomplish your legacy goals and work with your attorney to ensure they are integrated with your overall objectives. Learn More About Estate Planning

Education Planning – Starting early and consistently saving for your children’s education can be one of the most efficient ways to contribute to their success in life. We will help you plan and set up a college savings plan that best suits your children’s education goals. Learn More About Education Planning