How to Have a Healthy Money Outlook


​Did you know that money management and financial challenges are one of the biggest sources of stress for many Americans? Regardless of your net worth, it seems like there's always something to worry about. While some things can't be controlled, other stressful triggers can be kept in line with a little bit of thought and planning. Here are six ste...

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4 Things to Do if Your Data Is Compromised


If you keep up with the news, you've seen that several companies have had their databases hacked recently. So what can you do if you think your personal data may have been compromised? Here are four key steps to take if you're notified of a data breach. 1. Change Your Passwords First, you'll want to change your account password with the hacked comp...

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6 Ways to Make the Best of a Windfall


Have you ever daydreamed about receiving a sudden windfall? At some point many of us will receive an insurance payout, a significant tax refund or a bonus for a job well-done. Though it would be tempting to put the whole amount toward a luxurious vacation or a new car, it's important to think about your long-term financial goals, too. You can still...

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When should you talk about your finances?


 Have you ever wanted to talk about money with a friend or partner, then decided against it? It can be uncomfortable to share how much you earn, how much you've saved or how much you owe. You might feel ashamed of your credit card balance or feel awkward that you seem to earn more than your friends. But should you reconsider your approach to t...

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