4 Things to Do if Your Data Is Compromised


If you keep up with the news, you've seen that several companies have had their databases hacked recently. So what can you do if you think your personal data may have been compromised?

Here are four key steps to take if you're notified of a data breach.

1. Change Your Passwords

First, you'll want to change your account password with the hacked company and with any other website where you've used the same one. A password manager can help you generate tough-to-crack passwords and store them securely.

2. Sign Up for Free Credit Monitoring

One of the biggest risks you face if your Social Security number is stolen is that someone could apply for credit in your name, borrow money and not pay it back. You could be left with a big headache and a damaged credit score if this happens.

The breached company usually gives its customers at least a year of free credit monitoring, so be sure to sign up. This is an easy way to keep an eye on any fraudulent accounts that may be opened or applied for under your name.

3. File a Police Report

If your identity is stolen, file a report with the local police department. While they may not be able to restore your identity, a police report can be crucial to getting bogus charges removed from your accounts. IdentityTheft.gov is a helpful resource outlining all the steps you need to take.

4. Stay Vigilant

While it may take some extra time and effort to protect against hackers and data breaches, it's well worth it if you can keep your sensitive details a little bit safer.

Are you worried about your financial information? Reach out anytime to discuss how you can take the right steps to protect yourself. 

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